Braveship Entertainment is an entertainment company dedicated to bringing stories to life across multiple media, including books, film, and video games. We believe that by creating interplay between media for a single story, we can offer audiences unprecedented richness and engagement with characters they love. Our three affiliates are Books, Interactive, and Ventures.
Braveship Books is a publishing imprint focusing primarily on the action, thriller, adventure, and science fiction genres. Our authors range from debut novelists to #1 New York Times bestsellers with large fan bases.

Braveship Interactive is an independent video game development studio with capabilities for PC/console, mobile, and virtual reality platforms. The studio was founded with a focus on the MMORPG genre and continues to deliver innovative, high quality games for various platforms.

Braveship Ventures manages an entertainment fund that finances and coordinates interplay between film and video game projects based on books. The fund's mission is to maximize returns to investors by creating major multimedia franchises.
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